Gel Manicures

Natur-al-Nail specializes in the newest and longest lasting gel manicure on the market.  The 100% pure gel polish in a bottle goes on like polish, each layer is then cured in seconds under a LED lamp.  The finished product lasts for weeks.  It make your own nails stronger with a high shine and does not damage your nails when applied and removed properly.  Steam machines are our choice for removal.  The gel manicuring system is an amazing product.

Need A Little More Strength?  To Dip Or Not To Dip?

Each technician is skilled in the application of all our product advancements in technology have made gel polish superior alternatives to acrylic and sculptured nails.  No two nails are alike.  Some women need a little more strength to their nails that a gel polish can't provide.  Our licensed cosmetologists can fix most any nail problem you have.  A small amount of powder and glue can give you just enough strength to help you grow your own beautiful nail or come out of an artificial nail and into your own.

If you are new to our salon or have been away from our salon for the past six months, you can receive either gel manicure for $15 each.

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