Nail Services
100% Gel Polish Manicure
Should last two weeks or more
Pure Gel Polish Manicure
With a light dip of glue and powder for extra strength
should last three to four weeks
Nails with Gel Manicure
A clear dip system layered on bottom.  With or without some
silk.  Recommended for fine active nails.
Should last four to five weeks
With silk   $31
Replaced Nails at time of service
(not to exceed $5)
Complete Dip Nail System with Extensions & Gel Polish
Recommended for short, bitten or damaged nails.
Should last three to four weeks.
Deluxe Spa Pedicure   $40
Mini Pedi   $20
$1 Surcharge on all debit or credit cards $15 or less
    48 South 59th Street
    Belleville, IL 62223
    (618) 234-7993

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